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Quilting triumph!

Today I finished my hand-made quilt.
It has taken me at least 5 years and every stitch was hand-sown.
Now it has pride of place, covering the double bed in the spare room.

Of course, it may be a little too fragile to let anyone actually sit on it or sleep under it, but it looks fantastic.

What achievement are you proud of this weekend?

Getting through it without meltdown, tbh. Some of it was very trying, and all very tiring.

Congratulations on achieving the quilt. A wonderful thing.

Congratulations on finishing your quilt!

I'm not sure I had any great achievements this weekends; I am still limping from falling down the stairs at my friend's house two months ago (turns out I have a cracked metatarsal). We did have a couple of the local folk round for coffee on Sunday morning, though!
Dude. Will you show a photograph?

This weekend I Kept My Temper. :D
This weekend I was proud of finishing the proofreading of my husband's book. Today we got all the files uploaded to Lulu and the project is finished!

Re your quilt, I would love to see a photo.
Way to go on the handmade quilt! That's a big project.

Me, I started to learn to quilt, using a Dover book with plastic templates in the back. This weekend I cut out the first template and ironed the fabric for my first squares.
Congratulations! A handmade quilt is a treasure! I had one made by my great grandmother. I used it until parts of it literally disintegrated. (She was thrifty, more concerned about using every scrap of fabric, than whether or not it made sense to put a silk square next to a corduroy one.) I eventually dismantled the whole thing, salvaging the sturdy squares and saving them for my own eventual quilt project.