pennski (pennski) wrote,

Everything Blackpool

Here is a little list of what we have done this weekend in Blackpool with my friend Karen

Walked along the prom
Cuddled a donkey on the beach - and been leaned on in return
Danced a rhumba on the floor of the Tower Ballroom - by copying the couple next to us
Laughed and groaned at the jokes on the comedy pavement
Had fish'n'chips at Harry Ramsden's
Gambled away our tuppences in Coral Island - and donated our winning tickets to people who were collecting them
Bought rock and candy floss
Watched Strictly with a take-away and some Cava
Drunk innumerable cups of tea and talked for hours.
Looked at all the tableaux illuminations with a very excited six-year old.

Oh and in case you are wondering, that tower in France that looks like the Blackpool tower?
It is the Trifle Tower.

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