pennski (pennski) wrote,

Training through the medium of interpretative dance

I have been delivering a very heavy training schedule over the last 2 weeks and my last sessions are Tuesday.
It's over webex and has been up to four hours per day (I made sure no one day had any more than that). On Wednesday I started coming down with a cold, so on Thursday I worked from home and tried not to speak more than necessary. On Friday, I was able to have a 3 hour lie-in because I would be training into the evening. This helped, but my voice wore away to a thread by the end of the last session.

So now I'm rationing myself to 3 sentences a day apart from the training sessions.
I am hoping that way that I won't have to act out the above.

Thank goodness bookzombie knows me well enough to interpret most of my miming.

Oh plus I am resting as much as possible to get rid of the cold.

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