so many books

My Eastercon

Was brilliant!

The 2 panels I was on both went well and I was touched to have Tanith Lee telling me to write fiction and fjm telling me to write more reviews instead (seconded by a voice from the back of the hall).

bookzombie was also on 2 panels - with lively debate in the first. Sadly I missed the second which sounds like it was a hoot!

China Mieville's guest of honour speech has given me lots to think about, Neil Gaiman's speech & readings just left me with a warm glow. Mitch Benn is even funnier in real life than on the radio and we need to buy the rest of his albums NOW!

We were more selective in the dealer's room this time, but have still ended up with an excellent haul.

It was great to see more of so many excellent people, including but not limited to andrewducker, surliminal, desperance (who did like the sloe grappa) despotliz and the_magician both of whom did miracles of organisation and keeping things running smoothly so we could have a good time,tamaranth and gummitch as well as flying appearances by peteyoung and fjm.

I loved sharing cake with owlfish. And the answer to the great cake debate is yes, British cake is drier than American. However plenty of tea is the solution.

Talking of which, I think I need some more.
It was a flying visit! He appeared briefly on one day only and we bumped into him in corridors a couple of times.